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To answer your immediate questions. Yes, the Sergeant Lewis was built by a single individual. (except when more than one person was actually required) Yes, it took ten years. This section of the site is a tour of that creation, each image will soon have a seperate "Newsgoup" setting where craftsmen can share thier knowledge, wisdom, and adventures.




First thing first, you have to build a shed.


Secondly, laying down the strongback and begin building the almas.

Thirdly, again with the strongback to make the main hull.





Fourthly, creating the mini-keel for the main hull.




Fifthly, you bring it all together, starting the the wings that connect the almas to the main hull.






At this point it's hard to keep any particular order to things. No records were kept, and it seems what was worked on was at the whim of whoever was doing the work, a.k.a. David. The pictures are grouped in parts of the boat, but what was done first, and why, what, how, is a little hazy.

The boat of course needed an engine, so here is that going in.

This is the dog house.

This is the for-cabin which includes the bathroom, sit down shower, and bunk beds for four.

Then there is the aft-cabin up to the dog house. This includes the galley, workshop, storage for maps, jackets, and the electrical panel.

Finishing off the top is the cockpit.

Here are some nice pictures variously taken along the way of the hull.

These are just miscellaneous pictures taken of miscellaneous parts and peices.

All things electrical, click here. OR if you have a fast connection view the interactive FLASH version.

This part was dedicated to plumbing, or how the water might flow.

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