The maiden voyage to the San Juan Islands...

Sunday, June 30th. The Journey Begins...

Monday, July 1rst. Ilwaco to Grays Harbor

Tuesday, July 2nd. Repairs in Grays Harbor

Wednesday, July 3rd. Grays Harbor to La Push

Thursday, July 4th. La Push to Neah Bay

Friday, July 5th. Neah Bay to Port Angeles

Saturday, July 6th. Port Angeles to Shaw Island

Sunday, July 7th. Shaw Island

Monday, July 8th. Shaw Island to San Juan Island

Tuesday, July 9th. San Juan Island to Sucia Island

Wednesday, July 10th. Sucia Island in Echo Bay

Thursday, July 11th. Echo Bay to Stuart Island, Reid Harbor

Friday, July 12th. Stuart Island in Reid Harbor

Saturday, July 13th. Reid Harbor to Roche Harbor

Sunday, July 14th. Roche Harbor back to Reid Harbor

Monday, July 15th. Reid Harbor to Sidney

Tuesday, July 16th. Sidney to Divers Bay

Wednesday, July 17th. Divers Bay

Thursday, July 18th. Divers Bay to Otter Bay

Friday, July 19th. Otter Bay to Montague Harbor

Saturday, July 20th. Montague Harbor

Sunday, July 21th. Montague Harbor to Clam Bay

Monday, July 22nd. Clam Bay to Gibsons Landing

Tuesday, July 23rd. Gibsons Landing to Hallket Bay

Wednesday, July 24th. Hallket Bay

Thursday, July25th. Hallket Bay to Windy Bay

Friday, July 26th. Windy Bay to Montague Harbor

Saturday, July 27th. Montague Harbor to Sidney

Sunday, July 28th. Sidney to Sidney Island Marine Park

Monday, July 29th. Sidney Island Marine Park

Tuesday, July 30th. Sidney Island Marine Park

Wednesday, July 31rst. Sidney Island Marine Park to Sydney

Thursday, August 1rst. Sidney to Neck Cove

Friday, August 2nd. Neck Cove to Reid Harbor

Saturday, August 3rd. Reid Harbor

Sunday, August 4th. Reid Harbor

Monday, August 5th. Reid Harbor to Fisherman Bay

Tuesday, August 6th. Fisherman Bay

Wednesday, August 7th. Fisherman Bay to Spencer Spit

Thursday, August 8th. Spencer Spit

Friday, August 9th. Spencer Spit

Saturday, August 10th. Spencer Spit

Sunday, August 11th. Spencer Spit to Neah Bay

Monday, August 12th. Neah Bay to Astoria

Tuesday, August 13th. The Journey Ends...

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